All about RandomGrub

I’m a sort-of foodie, living in Ireland. My cooking, whilst usually edible and occasionally properly successful, seems markedly more haphazard in execution and end result than TV shows or cookbooks indicate it should be. Maybe that happens to everyone.

Anyway, I’m going to write about dishes I cook and recipes I use, along with anything else food- or drink-related that pops in my head or I come across elsewhere. This in the hope that both my cooking and my writing improve over time.

The Irish food and drink sector is growing all the time, with speciality food producers burgeoning in particular so I plan to keep an eye on all of that too.

I have to admit the blog title is actually a tortured grouping of mixed references. A random walk, says Wikipedia, is “a formalisation of the intuitive idea of taking successive steps, each in a random direction”. It’s also sometimes called a “drunkard’s walk”. Who? Me?

Anyway, there’s a book about investing in shares called A Random Walk Down Wall Street. I always liked the title and bastardising it reminds me never again to write about personal finance. Long story. I’ll tell you some other time.

Grub Street really refers to “the world of impoverished literary hacks”, as per, or “any hack writing, done quickly, for a fee, with minimal research” (Wikipedia).

I’m a grubbing hack who loves her grub (and mixing her metaphors) so it seemed appropriate.


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