Not so meaty news from Bord Bia

Bord Bia‘s self-congratulatory spin on the success of Irish food producers in the French market, and their participation in Sial (the Salon international d’alimentation – one of the world’s largest food trade fairs) was reproduced unquestionly in the Indo, the Examiner and the Irish Times (subscription required).

It’s marvellous, of course, that our meat exports to France are booming and that nine meat companies, along with the Irish Dairy Board, are exhibiting at Sial, with a further 10 speciality food producers featuring at a Celtic promotion in the Galaries Lafayette food hall at Sial.

Funny though how the French press appears to have missed out on this wonderful news. Or maybe not, when you consider that a total of 5,300 exhibitors from almost 100 countries are at Sial, including 380 from China. In terms of numbers, the Chinese firms rank only fifth, after France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Considering the number of quality food producers now operating in Ireland, it’s a wonder Bord Bia couldn’t help more of them to exhibit at a global showcase like Sial. Even Azerbaijan has managed to send 10 companies. Ireland, the Food Island, indeed.


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