Keep it fast-casual

Fast food is generally pretty nasty and largely nutrition-free. Sometimes you need a quick bite, however, and that’s why I’ve always like Nude, the largely organic café/takeaway on Dublin’s Suffolk St. For not too much more than the price of a supersized ‘meal’ from you-know-where, Nude offers lots of healthy and tasty wraps, paninis, salads and so on. It’s also a franchise business, with outlets in Dublin Airport and elsewhere.

Nude, which is owned by Bono’s brother Norman Hewson, was ahead of the curve when it launched, anticipating the current trend of “fast casual” food.

There is still a gaping chasm in the market between the traditional grab’n’go fast food joints and even the best value sit-down restaurants. Savvy consumers increasingly want quality fast food made with fresh ingredients and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Springwise, the Dutch site that highlights innovative new business concepts, featured another “fast casual” venture this week – the award-winning Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London.

If I happened to have the seed capital, I’d plough it into some similarly franchisable fast casual food business. There’s money in them thar hungry, fussy consumers.


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