Rest in peace you old supermarkets

I’ve always adored supermarket shopping. Dawdling around for hours doing a big monthly shop or popping in for a couple of dinner ingredients. The husband knows I have a bit of a problem in this regard and when I couldn’t drive, he used to bring me to the supermarket, buy some magazines and go sit in the car because our minutes-in-store versus products-chosen ratio differed so greatly.

When we go abroad, he knows I will vanish into a supermarket if I spy one and not come out for an hour, having methodically surveyed every shelf on every aisle. I’ll pick stuff up, examine it, wonder what it is or how I might cook it and finally force myself to leave with just three or four non-perishable items.

That’s why I spent ages clicking on all the links here and feeling wistful because I will never get to shop in a Jitney Jungle or a Buttrey’s Food & Drug. That is honestly how sad I really am.


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