Genius? Madness? Hard to tell…

You say “lateral thinking”. I say “kinda bizarre”. Some daft Swiss arty types have a book out called UmdenkenBabelfish tells me that this means ‘reorient one’s opinion’. The book details an art project in which they re-used bits of common household objects in other ways. Among these were:

Credit to The Friday Thing newsletter for drawing attention to these loons.


3 responses to “Genius? Madness? Hard to tell…

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the link to Where’s the Salt!
    Really enjoy your blog … I’m probably having a blonde day, but I can’t find the RSS link so I can subscribe? If you get a chance would you mind sending?

    Thanks and see you in cyberspace!

  2. Hi Jenny!

    And thanks for your link! Us Cork food bloggers have to stick together…there don’t seem to be too many of us in this particular niche 🙂

    No, not a blonde moment. Rather a brunette-with-highlights moment from me. Took me a while to figure out the whole feed thing…still figuring it, really. But the link seems to be

    Hope that works!

  3. Yup, working perfectly, thanks!

    I’m still getting to grips with WordPress too, so if ever you need a hand, 2 heads are sometimes better than one!

    Bye for now.

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