Timers of the essence to good bread

After surpassing expectations (mine and anyone else’s) with the second batch of brown bread, things didn’t go so well third time around. Pride comes before a fall and all that.

Preheated the oven, mixed up my dough, set the timer, stuck the dough-filled loaf tin in the oven and wandered off, without having set the timer. Wandered back into the kitchen some time later and noticed the timer was still stopped on 50m00s. Oops. I figured it had been a good 20 minutes since I put the bread in the oven so I reset the timer for 30m00s, made sure it was on and wandered off again.

When it went off, I took the bread out of the oven. It looked done. It smelled done. Ergo, I thought, it must be done. I let it cool down for a while and cut a chunk off to investigate. The yogurty smell of warm-but-raw brown bread rose to meet me. I fitted the two chunks of loaf back into the tin and stuck them back in the oven for another 15 minutes.

Took the tin out again and left the bread to cool. You know what, it still wasn’t done and by the time I discovered that, the oven was cold. I ate some of the crust and dumped the rest of the loaf in the bin. The RandomGrub Bakery wouldn’t be opening any time soon.

Update: I tried again yesterday morning and triple-checked the timer was on. The bread was perfect.


2 responses to “Timers of the essence to good bread

  1. I’m relishing this blog…
    Have you seen this?
    Notice how the top 50 requires very little cooking or preparation? I would add mince pies, chocolate biscuit cake, banoffi, grilled corn on the cob and rocket.
    Eternal salivation.

    Could you post somethin’ for us on norimaki? Have contents, will roll – if someone shows me how/how not to.

  2. Ooh glad you like it, Flygal. That BBC list is superb and I could definitely add a few things…will post on it later if I get a chance.

    As for the norimaki, I am a sushi-rolling virgin but the brother is a master of the art. Will book in for a lesson in the next couple of weeks and report back. Mmmm…hungry at the thought of it.


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