Did someone mention E-numbers?

The extraordinary ability of American manufacturers to come up with ever more elaborate varieties of junk food almost has to be admired. This blog celebrates that innovation, featuring a constant stream of new products from ‘limited edition Elvis Peanut Butter and Banana Creme’ Reese’s Cups to Aztec Chocolate Kettle Chips (“Here is a chip both sweet and savory, with hits of red chili spice and the lightest kiss of cinnamon to accentuate the rich Dagoba Organic Chocolate flavor”) and all sorts of other awfulness.

Steve, the site’s editor, is a heartfelt advocate of junk food and the rights of junk food eaters. “Look,” he says, “eating a strict diet of ‘whole natural foods’ mght let you live an extra 20 years, but that only means having to eat that crap for another 20 years. Don’t punish yourself!”

You want him to be tongue-in-cheek but then, with the fabled American inability to do irony, you’re just not sure…


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