Eating: not supposed to be competitive

It’s one of those classic ‘And Finally’ topics on the news or fillers for the quirky corner of the paper – Man Eats 425 Hot Dogs in Seven Minutes. It takes the internet to make you realise that something as obscure and, let’s be honest, disgusting as competitive eating has lots of adherents.

I somehow stumbled across the site for the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters. They’ve a big event this Sunday where champions will be crowned in both Canadian Back Bacon & Bun Eating and Milk & Cookies Eating.

Competitive Eating also has an international federation. Champions include Cookie Jarvis (cannoli, short form chicken wings, chicken-fried steak, dumplings, french fries, grapes, ham & potatoes, hamentaschen, icecream, pasta and sour pickles), Joey Chestnut (asparagus, long form chicken wings, grilled cheese sandwiches, gyoza, horseshoe sandwiches, pork ribs, pulled pork and waffles) and Crazy Legs Conti (buffet, french cut green beans and pancakes). I wish I was making this up.


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