Friday foodie links III

The Chinese will employ mice as food tasters during the 2008 Olympics.

Spam sculpture (via Slashfood). Spamhenge, spamtinis, spam fries…

Epicurious tells Americans how to eat fewer pesticides. I wonder is the same true of fruit & veg available in Ireland?

As ever, BoingBoing had a few gems this week. When doesn’t it? Here are two oddities they highlighted:

Season Shot, which are shotgun shells packed with seasoning. When you cook your pheasant or whatever, the shot casing melts and you are, at least theoretically, left with nicely seasoned meat.

Also photos on icing. Maybe it’s just me but if I had children, I would not want to eat cakes or cookies with pictures of my kids on them. Except maybe when they were really getting on my nerves.


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