Ten things to eat before I die

Nearly a month ago now, Flygal left a comment pointing to the BBC’s list of 50 things to eat before you die. I eventually got around to seeing how many I had left.

There are 10: Moreton Bay Bugs, Alligator, Kangaroo, Guinea Pig, Shark, Reindeer, Australian Meat Pie, Durian fruit, Jerk Chicken or pork and Cornish pasties.

So that’s a challenge. I’m not sure I’ll ever stomach guinea pig but the rest are doable and eating them should involve going to Australia, which I’m all in favour of, seeing as I’ve never been. I have been to New Zealand, which is absolutely worth visiting. Great cakes, not to mention all sorts of other good stuff.

At 29 on that list is the American Diner Breakfast, which would have to be my last meal before facing the firing squad. Stack of pancakes drenched in strawberries, blueberries and maple syrup, a few mugs of coffee and a cigarette or two and I’d be alright.


4 responses to “Ten things to eat before I die

  1. I’m doing really well on the ’50 things to eat before you die’ list. I only have 3 to go – alligator, guinea pig and reindeer. However I may have to pass on those. I can’t see myself going into a resturant asking for a rudulph sandwich – a sure way of converting my 6 year old to vegetarianism!

  2. Someone cooked an alligator dish for me once. To tell you the truth, it was a croc of shit.

  3. You know in Switzerland they have a real problem with Pancakes, and the American breakfast. They just don’t understand…but that leaves more for me!

    Jerk chicken can be had in Jamaica…maybe that’s the start of a good vacation 🙂

  4. Maura, you know what I’ll be expecting for dinner if we visit when you end up back in Oz…some sort of artsy kangaroo-and-moreton-bay-bug starter, an Australian Meat Pie for mains and yummy chocolatey something for dessert cos I expect that from you! Oh and well done on having consumed 47 of the 50 – pretty impressive.
    Jessica – I like your thinking! I’ll leave it up to the husband whether he wants to go to Jamaica next year and Oz the year after, or the other way around.
    Malone – You should be ashamed. Puns that bad can get you arrested in some countries. Whip yourself into shape, dahling…

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