The Grinch has got in my kitchen

I love Christmas. I’ve been excited since October at the thought of getting the decorations out of the attic. But I’m failing badly in the kitchen. A proper food blogger would have a pantry full of Christmas goodies at this stage. I have not made so much as a mince pie. My brother always provides a humdinger of a Christmas pud so I don’t need to worry about that but otherwise our Christmas larder is bare.

I’ve no-one to blame but myself and my weakness for Christmas parties and related socialising. I’ve been doing a whole lot of eating and drinking and little to no cooking.

At least I’ve been eating well. Had the best homemade tiramisu I’ve ever tasted at a friend’s dinner party at the weekend (must get the recipe) and enjoyed one of Fallon & Byrne‘s fine fine steaks for lunch yesterday. Somewhere along the way in the last few days, I also paid 75 quid for a pretty so-so meal in Jaipur. First and last time going there.

So now I’m feeling vaguely dyspeptic, flushed with alcohol and guilty about the utter lack of nutmeggy, cinnamonny, fruity Christmas things in our house. And my boss has taken to calling this blog ‘a walk up and down Bollocks St’, which is funny but ever-so-slightly disheartening.

About the only thing to do is have a curative glass of wine, I think. Tomorrow, I’ll start the Christmas ingredients shopping list.


4 responses to “The Grinch has got in my kitchen

  1. Having been in said kitchen this evening, I can vouch for its utter lack of Christmassyness. However, your husband deserves kudos for the fantastic array of biscuits on offer. He had fruity, he had chocolatey and he had crumbly. Only nutty and creamy were missing from the biscuit family. The only letdown was the lingering presence of those Hallowe’en nuts. What’s going on RG? Are they serving as an art installation?

  2. Hurray, I’m not alone!! My kitchen is so far similarly lacking in Christmasness!

    I plan to fix that over the weekend however, by throwing a Christmassy mulled wine and cider get together on Sunday afternoon. Vaguely panicking about what food bits to serve, but hoping a trip to the English Market tomorrow will provide inspiration.

    Commiserations on the boss by the way, sounds like a REALLY cool person! 🙂

  3. You’re not the only food blogger without a “pantry full of Christmas goodies”! My preparations have so far involved just buying ingredients for mince pies, leafing through Darina’s Christmas cookbook and thinking that it’s too late to make mincemeat, reading the Christmas chapter in Nigella’s Domestic Goddess, digging out her recipe for the spicy Christmas cookies that (I try to) make every year, realising that I don’t actually have the star cookie cutters in the cottage so that there’s no point in making them…lots of good intentions but few results yet!

  4. Ah Caroline, I have the star cookie cutters handy alright. And the snowmen cutters! Still no Christmas cooking though…Plan to decorate the house and tree tonight so that should put me in the mood.

    Jenny – hope Sunday went well. I’m hoping to make it in to the market this week to stock up. Oh and the boss isn’t that bad…just colourful at times!

    Malone – the nuts have been binned 😉

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