A Lidl bit foolish…

Like a lot of people, I am busy engaging in a January economy drive. My economy drives don’t happen very often and never last very long. Still, now that I’m a freelancer, I have to conserve what little cash I have. So for the first time in two years, I headed off to Lidl a couple of days ago.

I’m not terribly sure why I bothered. Lidl is cheap, which is good because I’m skint. Lidl is cheap, which is bad because I have a heartfelt horror of cheap food. So I end up standing there gawping in entranced amazement at 19c tins of beans and then recoiling at the thought of all the awfulness that must be in 19c tins of beans.

In the end, I spent €47.52 on 22 items. Then I went to Tesco to buy the things that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy in Lidl, like wholemeal flour, free-range eggs, sugar, potatoes and so on. I realised as I trotted up and down the aisles that plenty of things I had bought in Lidl were the same price as in Tesco, including sunflower oil, Nutella (I know but eating it out of the jar is one of my vices) and salad cream (I know but the husband likes it).

The best way to eat cheaply, of course, is to make as much as possible from scratch but I don’t have the time or the inclination to make bread rolls on a daily basis.  Maybe compromising the best way I can is the most realistic approach to take.

PS: A friend of the husband’s always refers to salad cream as “mayonnaise for knackers”. Horribly politically incorrect, I know, but it always makes me laugh. I’m a bad person.


3 responses to “A Lidl bit foolish…

  1. Try Aldi if you get the chance instead, their prices are the same as Lidl, but the choice is greater, the shops look better and the quality is great.

    They do some lovely selections of foreign cheeses and dried meats too!

  2. I’d second Elly on Aldi. I do a bit in Tesco, a bit in Superquinn, a bit in Deli’s/markets but Aldi’s not bad if you cherrypick the products. They do a great pesto sauce, nice emmenthal for sambos, a good selection of nuts, good smoothies and inoffensive muesli. I’ve also become a fan of their fruit bars (really moist ones that almost taste homemade), but then I’m getting mad cravings lately. 🙂

  3. I don’t live in Ireland or Germany anymore and no access to Aldi or Lidl where I am now ;(

    Having lived in Germany for a few years I was really pleased when both stores came to Ireland ‘cos it allowed me to indulge my culinary memory lane. All those labels I recognised without ever truly knowing what was in them.

    Over the years, the one food Lidl do that I really miss is tinned grapefruit. I find it’s not always possible to get fresh and their tinned variety was a great substitute.

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