Corner of Italy in Cork

Oooh, it seems that Conor has unearthed a gem – The Boot’s Specialities, a good value Italian deli in an industrial estate in Cork. I never even knew this was there. Will be paying a visit in the next few days…

The only other reference I could find to it online was on a forum for Italian people in Ireland, where a poster recommended this shop to all Italians pining for a taste of home. An extra recommendation – buonissimo!


3 responses to “Corner of Italy in Cork

  1. Not sure of the weekday opening hours but he opens around 10.30 on Saturdays (make it 10.45 to be sure).

    I searched too and only found that one link!

  2. Ah, thanks for that. Mind you, the chances of me getting there any earlier on a Saturday are pretty slim 🙂

  3. If you need Pasquale’s email address, contact me offline and I’ll be happy to give it to you (as will he be to tell you his opening hours).

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