Spelling it out

So call me anal but I was bothered this morning by the specials board at a nearby café. Among the offerings today are:

  • Brocoli and cauliflower soup
  • Gujons with tarter sauce
  • Panninis
  • Sandwichs

When I noticed this litany of errors, it rather put me off my scone and cappuccino. If they don’t care enough to spell things properly, why should I think they care enough to prepare my food properly? Misspelled menus are one of my great bugbears when it comes to eating out. And yes, I know I should probably calm down and get a life but it’s just so ANNOYING.


3 responses to “Spelling it out

  1. I’m with you there, Kathy – I HATE silly spelling errors like that. As for misplaced apostrophes…….

  2. Oooh, don’t get me started! There is (or at least was, until recently) a big sign for a lingerie shop at the roundabout in Douglas. It was utterly shameless. There, in foot-high letters for all the world to see, was this:


  3. I can’t stand it when it’s an ethnic menu with blazing errors. I for one would definitely have a native double check my menu if opening a restaurant in a foreign country… but maybe that’s just me? 🙂

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