The lonely meatball

Went to Bresnan’s to buy meat on Saturday. Their meat is good and the service is usually great but the chap serving me was a bit distracted. I asked him for a leg of lamb, four chicken breasts, four Cumberland sausages and a half pound of round mince. I opened the bag at home and found the lamb, the chicken, the sausages and enough mince to make one meatball.

He evidently misheard me but why would a butcher think a customer would want less than a quarter pound of mince? Maybe some pets eat mince and butchers are used to people buying very small amounts. Well, I don’t have pets and, on Saturday evening, I didn’t have burgers either.

That reminds me, I must post my meatballs recipe some day soon. They are scrumptious, if I say so myself.


2 responses to “The lonely meatball

  1. Meatball fanatics in this house. Would love to see your recipe.

  2. Rightio – will type it up when I get a chance. Uncomplicated but so tasty and comforting…

    Would you believe I still haven’t made it to Pasquale’s shop…it’s on the to-do list!

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