Is the sun over the yardarm yet?

This BoingBoing link to a guide on making your own cocktail umbrellas reminded me of one of my favourite New Yorker cartoons. Brilliant.

There’s a potted history of cocktail umbrellas and links to more detailed info on Wikipedia. I love that somebody, somewhere woke up one day and thought, “Now, I know what I must do today. I have to write up the history of the cocktail umbrella for Wikipedia”.

Mind you, none of those sites mention how cocktail umbrellas are the perfect size for Sindys and Barbies to use as parasols. Aah, spot the child of the early Eighties…

Update: Margarita, since you ask. Or a martini. Or a mojito, at a push. Sour, bitter, simple = good. Sweet, sickly, stupidly-named = bad. You can keep your fuzzy, slippery, buttery monstrosities.  They’re ‘orrible and they always make me feel sick (as in immediately, not after a bucketload of them).


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