Getting the veggies in: chilli beef stirfry

Total health kick going on around these parts so I’m on the constant hunt for recipes that allow you to bung in as many veggies as possible. Today I went with this one: Chilli Beef Stir Fry by Ching He-Huang, who has a show called Ching’s Kitchen on UKTV Food, although I can’t say I’ve seen it.

I left out the baby corn, used green beans instead of mangetout and added half an onion, half a yellow pepper and some carrot batons. Oh, and used sesame oil as I seem to have run out of groundnut.

Not only was it easy and tasty but once eaten, left us feeling all healthy and virtuous. Super-smug, basically. This was despite the fact that I was rushing a bit, misread the recipe and glugged in too much soy sauce and rice wine so the resulting sauce was rather runny.

It occurs to me that downing two glasses of wine after this stir-fry probably cancelled out all the smug-making healthiness. Oops.


One response to “Getting the veggies in: chilli beef stirfry

  1. Sounds lovely!!! Need to get back on the diet wagon… love the oul stir fry!

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