The world’s my Victoria sandwich

I am spring-cleaning with a vengence these days. While going through a plastic bag full of old utility bills, I found the March 2005 copy of Good Food magazine. I cut out a few recipes that caught my attention and then came to a recipe for Victoria sandwich, with eight variants on the next page. Eight sorts of cake. Mmmmmmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

This is my sort of recipe – easy and easily adaptable. I was happy when I found the recipe, happy when making the first variant I tried (Coconut & Lime cake), happy admiring the finished product yesterday afternoon and really indescribably happy eating it.

I’m possibly turning into some sort of sub-Jo Brand here but I really do love cake. Particularly homemade cake. Especially cake made by me. And now that I have discovered how to make buttercream frosting, the cake world is my oyster. Or my Victoria sandwich.

Note on the recipe: I got creamed coconut in the English Market. Not sure where else you might find it. I didn’t add Malibu to the frosting. I can think of no inducement that would convince me to have a bottle of Malibu in the house, not even as a finishing touch for this cake.


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