Patrick’s Day tips for Epicur(ious)eans

Goodness, just realised that I’ve gotten a lovely shout-out from Tanya at I’ve been visiting that site for years so I’m most chuffed with the mention. Hello to anyone who has arrived here from there. As it’s quite likely you might be American, I thought I’d give you a few tips for March 17th.

First of all, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, Irish people do not eat corned beef and cabbage. That’s an Irish-American thing. We eat bacon and cabbage, although we don’t necessarily do so on Patrick’s Day. I seem to remember we used to have roast lamb (meltingly tender Irish spring lamb, of course) for Patrick’s Day when I was a kid.

Neither do we consume green beer, green cake or any other green stuff on St Patrick’s Day, apart possibly from peas, broccoli, cabbage or other things that are supposed to be green, like the mint sauce for the lamb.

Furthermore, we do not dye the rivers green or dress entirely in green. Surprised? To see how odd the American version of Patrick’s Day seems to us, have a look at this article from one of yesterday’s Irish newspapers on the bemusing experience of being Irish in America on March 17th.

I can’t think that we eat anything else special on the day, although as children we were always given a day off from our Lenten fasting so we used to chow down on lots of sweets and chocolates. I don’t do Lent any more so that’s immaterial.

What will I eat on Saturday? Probably some lovely Irish salmon with spring vegetables and new potatoes, so the plate will be vaguely green, white & orange. Well, I have to make some sort of effort to honour the national holiday…


4 responses to “Patrick’s Day tips for Epicur(ious)eans

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I just popped over here from Tanya is right; you’ve got a great blog!

    I laughed at both your post and your linked article about Americans and St. Patrick’s Day. Though I’ve never been an avid St. Patrick’s Day reveler, I must say you and the article’s author are spot on. I went to the supermarket this morning; everything in sight was green–cookies, cakes, breads– and were surrounded by shramrocks and three foot tall Leprechauns. Hope your St. Patrick’s Day salmon is delicious!

  2. Nice one! Oh bloody ell, they linked to me in that post too. I’d better go write something interesting.

  3. Do you know, Conor, I’ve been meaning to email you to tell you that all week! Sorry…still aren’t we rubbing great virtual shoulders all the same…

    And Susan, thanks for the compliments! Green bread? Ewwww…

  4. Hi Kathy
    I figure that a doner kebab is traditional Irish fare for Paddy’s day. Check out my post today and see why

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