Cooking with Bertie

Was watching MasterChef Goes Large on BBC2 this evening. The three finalists had to cook a meal in Downing St for Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern and assorted hangers on.

There were lots of shots of Bertie and Tony having chats over the food. The main course was Venison Wellington (fillet of venison wrapped in puff pastry).

Bertie – all knowledgeable like – leaned into Tony and informed him that the secret of getting venison tender was to marinate it. “What about the pastry?” asked Tony. “Ah, I can’t do pastry”, said a rueful Bertie.


5 responses to “Cooking with Bertie

  1. A great episode, I thought Bertie was going to lend a hand at one stage.

    Do you get the sense that they invent the “running out of time” stuff?

  2. Totally…so many TV programmes do that to inject some sense of urgency and drama, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition being the most blatant offenders. (God, am I giving too much away here? Of course, I mostly watch subtitled arthouse films and political documentaries.)

    Anyway, that “running out of time” stuff is just lazy and shows a distinct lack of confidence in their material. It’s irritating as anything but obviously won’t stop me being glued to Masterchef 🙂

  3. I think Steven deserved the win tonight. Pity none of them “needed” to win. All a bit British upper middle class. I really didn’t like the look of that Michelin starred Parisien food. Far too fiddly and the decor in one was shockingly naff.

  4. Agreed on Steven, for all sorts of reasons, including the fact that I wanted to eat everything he produced, unlike some of the dishes served up by the other two. I wasn’t so bothered about no-one “needing” to win – I guess that market is already cornered by Jamie Oliver!

    Of the three restaurants in Paris, Helene Darroze appealed the most by far.

    Also did you notice that the female contestant got the female chef, the rotund jolly contestant got the rotund jolly chef and the lean serious contestant got the lean serious chef. Honestly…

  5. Hadn’t noticed the body-matching! Agree about Helene – by far the least poncey of all the food.

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