New (to me) Irish food blogs

Answering some comments here reminds me I’ve been remiss in adding some of the newish Irish food blogs I’ve come across to the sidebar. (Cannot bring myself to use the word blogroll. That is one ugly word.)

First up is Deborah, aka the Humble Housewife, who is a lovely lady (NOT an American!) living in Offaly. I like her blog a lot and don’t think she should be humble at all. I am also in awe that she is even contemplating buying a fresh truffle.

Next is Abulafia at Eat Me Drink Me. Like that Alice in Wonderland reference although you’re putting the likes of me to shame by curing your own bacon!

And then there is Laura at Eat Drink Live, who is a baker in Limerick. Damn, some of her creations look good, including the Chocolate & Guinness muffins with Irish Whiskey Cream.

There is quite a merry band of food bloggers in Ireland now. Some day, we shall have to have a food bloggers’ convention and all eat lots of cake. Yay.


10 responses to “New (to me) Irish food blogs

  1. Ta muchly for the reference.

    New blog, so I’ve yet to sort out my links yet. Still. You have my thanks, and top spot on the to-do list.

  2. Thanks for the mention Kathy – really appreciate it! Nice to hear about Eat Me Drink Me as well… a new one to me! Haven’t bought the truffle yet… we’ll see! 😉

  3. A mini blog love-in! Thank you for the mention and the link which I will return in kind. Count me in for the convention I’ll bring cake!

  4. Maybe we should just cater the next blog awards?

  5. You’re all welcome and great idea, Deborah…although that would be a lot of sangers and cake.

  6. Can I draw your attention to as well? My half of it is Irish. 🙂

  7. Kathy,
    I love your opener in About Random Grub, haha! I feel the same way.
    I’m a food blogger/writer currently living in NYC (Chew on That and, but will be moving to Dublin in the fall. Then, I will be an American foodie blogging in Ireland (also of Irish descent). Close enough?

  8. and italian foodies! Such shameful canvasing!

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