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Loving Longueville…now at Mahon Point

Brief pause for a commercial break…

…Well, not quite but I would like to give a plug to Aisling and William from Longueville House, who are now selling lots of goodies at the Mahon Point Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 10am to 2pm. These include preserves & chutney, honey from their own bees, house smoked salmon, wild game terrines, lamb sausage, olive savoury cake, herb infused vinaigrettes, pesto, fruit liqueurs, chocolates & jellies. Yum, yum and more yum.

Plus William is happy to dole out tips on preparation and cooking to anyone visiting the stand and that has to be worth the price of some chutney. He’s a hell of a chef – am salivating at the memory of wood pigeon I had there over 18 months ago.

So pay the stand a visit if you’re in the area or, better again, go to Longueville. It’s one of those died-and-went-to-heaven places that is so worth going to.


If you knew sushi…

I have to admit I’m still coming to terms with sushi. Some of it (admittedly the pieces that look like food I recognise) I relish, some of it I hesitantly try and then enjoy and some of it I just let slide past me on the conveyor belt.

Even on my most unadventurous day, however, I could definitely manage sweet sushi, made with Rice Krispies, chocolate and other good things. (Thanks to Boing Boing.)

I did wonder if this was the only ‘fake sushi’ out there. Not a bit of it. Turns out there is a booming market in non-sushi sushi.

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