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Disappointed in Giles Coren

I’ve long been a fan of Giles Coren but I’ve just seen him in a TV ad for Bird’s Eye. I can’t believe he took the frozen pea shilling. For shame, Giles, for shame.

It’s nearly as bad as Carol Vorderman doing those ads for loan consolidation products.


Should cosmetics smell like food?

Have you noticed how many lotions and potions designed to be applied externally smell like they should be taken internally? You can get strawberry shower gel and coconut shampoo, for example. I’ve just been thinking about this because of some of the birthday presents I got in the last week.

One, from rather lovely friends, was a bottle of Chance by Chanel, which has quite a herby, basil-like kick when first applied. Another was a pot of scrumptious-smelling almond body cream.

I love them both but I’m slightly wary of perfumes and cosmetics that smell like foodstuffs ever since I had a bottle of Joop perfume that was supposed to be redolent of apples.  I think it was called All About Eve.

One of the first times I wore it, I was heading out on the town on a Saturday night. I swanned off down the street, delighted to be enveloped in such a heady scent. On the way to the bar, I bumped into my (male) flatmate, who was heading home. We chatted for a while and, as we said our goodbyes, he leaned in to give me a hug. “Jaysus!” he spluttered. “You stink of cider.”

Slightly too redolent of apples, then.

No time to cook, never mind write

Just posting to say, yes, I’m still here and, yes, I’m still eating, although so busy I’m not really cooking. (Dinner tonight was a toasted sandwich with hummus, tomato and chorizo – a raiding-the-fridge job – a natural yogurt and, how gluttonous am I, a whole 100g Green & Blacks milk chocolate bar.)

Have loads to report as was in France for 10 days and ate like a queen (cake and everything else besides). We even made it to a two-star Michelin restaurant! Once I get some time and figure out how to upload photos from the new camera, I will report in full. Short report: Fab. Delicious. Verging on the orgasmically good.

Have even more to report as then embarked on a complete health kick when I got home (minor slip-up there earlier on the chocolate front) so have lots of healthy recipes to post too.

My little green babies

Yes, I am so pathetically proud of my little seedlings that I took pictures of them with my phone (hence the risible quality). I would have used our camera had it not been stolen by a nasty baggage handler some months ago. Mental note: must buy another one.

Day-old thyme…altogether now, awww…


Here’s the basil, slightly hardier-looking…


And out in the garden, a row of infant rocket. Aren’t they cute? I feel bad for planning to eat them eventually.


French Café reviewed by proxy

My parents recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They’ve been on a celebratory holiday in New Zealand so to mark the anniversary, my brother and I sent them to The French Café in Auckland. It’s supposed to be New Zealand’s best restaurant.

They went last night and had the eight-course tasting menu with matching wines. Their verdict? “Historic.” “Possibly the best meal we’ve ever had.” “Truly unforgettable.”

So that’s a recommendation. It’s probably slightly too far to go for dinner, though.

Friday foodie links VI

I love getting a bunch of flowers sent to me but I think I might love a cupcake delivery even more.

Miracle fruits make sour foods taste sweet. It’s not really clear what they taste of when you eat them on their own.

If only all food blog posts were like this one…the Amateur Gourmet goes to Alain Ducasse’s restaurant for a free belt at the $320 truffle menu and reports back in comic-book style. (Via 2blowhards)

Posh Valentine’s Day recipes. If you want to cook to impress next week, it’s time to get organised…

Friday foodie links V

Still trying to get into the Christmas spirit so it’s a seasonal set of links today. Yule love them. Sorry.