Recipes & Cooking Attempts

Linking here to recipes I’ve tried as otherwise they will get lost in the archives.

Roasted white fish wrapped in smoked bacon Nov 14th, 2006

The Whip came round for dinner at the weekend. He’s a good friend of the husband’s since they were kids and, now, he’s a good friend of mine. He likes his food and is managing without his gorgeous Italian girlfriend, who is home working in Treviso at the moment, so I thought I would make a bit of effort with the dinner.

Biscotti Nov 8th, 2006
I’m supposed to be following a low-GI diet these days, although I must admit my adherence is a bit haphazard. Anyway, something that you can eat if you’re avoiding high-GI foods are biscotti, those slightly domed, crunchy, nut-fillled biscuits you get with your coffee in nice Italian restaurants.

Scones Nov 6th, 2006
Maybe it’s because I hadn’t much interest in cooking when I was a teenager – home economics was the only class I ever came bottom of in school – but there is a multitude of ‘basics’ that I’ve never learned how to make. Scones being a case in point.

Red Pepper & Parmesan Risotto, Nov 1st, 2006
A week after pledging to try my hand at a risotto, I gave it a bash yesterday evening. I didn’t have any fancy mushrooms (or, on inspecting the fridge, any mushrooms at all) so I decided to make do with whatever I could find and at least get the basics of risotto-making right.

Warm salad of crispy bacon and Jerusalem artichokes (sort of) Oct 25th, 2006
My fear of Jerusalem artichokes will have to be conquered some other day. In the real world, Jamie Oliver, local Tesco stores do not stock Jerusalem artichokes. Radicchio and little gem lettuce were also unobtainable so, as much as it might leave Jamie horrified, I had to resort to using a bag of baby salad leaves and some new potatoes when preparing his Warm salad of crispy bacon and Jerusalem artichokes.

Irish brown bread Oct 22nd, 2006
I am partial to a particular type of Irish brown bread. Not the squat, greyish-brown soda bread but the other brown bread, loaf-shaped and tan-coloured with a nutty crust and a moist, dense crumb. It has occurred to me more than once, while enjoying it in some café or other, that I have no idea how to make it.

Poached eggs Oct 20th, 2006
After last night, this was bound to happen. We spent the evening with friends and at one point got to discussing how best to poach an egg. I advocated cracking the egg into a pan of swirling hot water and questioned the need to use vinegar, despite the fact that I have never actually poached an egg.


3 responses to “Recipes & Cooking Attempts

  1. Hi Kathy, I’m an italian foodblogger. I find yout blog between irish food blog, because in october I’ll stay in Dublin for 4 weeks to study english. Ciao!

  2. Ciao Francesca – thanks for getting in touch! I like your site – lovely recipes and you get lots of comments! Parlo un po’ l’italiano so email me if you want to meet up when you are in Dublin!

    Spero di cucinare la caprese di limoncello. Non ho fatto niente con la bottiglia che il mio fratello mi ha dato l’anno scorso!

  3. è semplice da fare. Se la farai fammi sapere. See you 🙂

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